Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Student Contributions

Nothing slows down at Saul during the summer! All incoming freshmen are required to attend summer session which is an orientation program to get a taste of what this unique high school is like. We have been enjoying getting to know the new students and introducing them to what happens on a vegetable farm in July. Please enjoy their comments about their first day on the farm!
Stephany Caraballo
My first experience at Henry Got Crops was mulching. I was told that I did a very good job and my teacher was satisfied. I learned and did new things, such as mulching. I never heard of that in my life till Friday. It was fun but it was also tiring at the same time. I learned that mulching helps to control weeds without using pesticides or other chemicals. I thought working/learning about plants was going to be boring, and I also thought it was an easy job because I never worked on it before. But, now I know not to "judge a book by its cover". I take back what I said about plants. I am actually interested in plants now after this wonderful experience I had at Saul High School. I have to admit that I was surprised on how hard I was working. I certainly worked up a sweat! I was also surprised at how beautiful and fast the crops grow. 
Tiarra Burnett
Today in school over in the Henry Got Crops! garden I learned that weeding in the garden is very important. If the weeds grow too tall you will have to weed them down, so the plants can get solar energy from the sun and help them grow. Also, while I was in the garden I tasted a very interesting vegetable that I usually don't eat very often. The vegetable that I tasted is basil and it was great. Another thing I learned while working over in Henry Got Crops! is how to cut down weeds, how tall some weeds can grow, how to use certain tools for special areas, and how to deal with the insects that are around us. Working on Henry Got Crops! can be stressful sometimes. Especially the heat and the bugs. I actually didn't expect to sweat so much. Ultimately, I actually enjoyed my experience at Saul High school.
Alexis Calhoun: When I came to Saul as a farmer at Henry Got Crops for the first time I learned a lot. I learned how to use different machinery and also how to weed. I also learned that it isn't as easy as it looks. Things are heavy and certain machines shut off without warning. At first, I thought that weeding and other farm work wouldn't be fun but it turned out to be really fun. Even though the pulling of weeds hurt a lot it was still fun on that very hot Friday. I was surprised that I really wanted to do some of the work that we had to do. I was really surprised because when I saw all that we had to do I was not really sure that I could do it. When I come back in the fall as a freshman I am looking forward to farming again and learning more than I have already learned in this summer session.
Aysha Burgos: I have learned so much these past few days. One thing I learned was that working with plants isn't as easy as it looks. Pulling out weeds manually can be very painful. Using the weed eaters doesn't necessarily make the job easier. When you use the weed eaters you have to make sure you have enough string and fuel. While I was working on the farm in my head I was saying "This is hard but fun work.". Honestly, the different kinds of plants and insects surprised me. It's not every day that beetles, slugs and other insects get on you. I'm looking forward to getting back outside and saving some more plants.
Brenna: Participating in W.B Saul High School Henry got crops was very interesting. I have learned that plants need as much attention and care as humans do. At first I thought that working with plants would be very boring but it turned out to be a great experience. I was truly surprised that I enjoyed it. To see how things affect plants and then to see how other things helped it grow and that it is not as easy to work with plants as you would think. For me it was hard because you had to put a lot of work into it. Seeing all the different types of plants and bugs was cool. Working with all the equipment and realizing how much everything is worth. With Mrs.Mcatamney we talked about many different plants and then we got to try basil. We tried basil with cheese and for me it was not a flavor I enjoyed. I am looking forward to learning more and understanding how they really work thing here at Saul(:

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