Monday, August 27, 2012

Update from the Field

As I wrote “Week 12” on the chalk board last week, I said out loud to Chris, Matt and Nancy, “Half way!” Week 12 of our 24 week season….This brings  about various, diverse reactions. My mind says, “Half way already?” and my body says, “Only half way?” 
In the field, this feels like a turning point. Two weeks ago the tomatoes were exploding (see shareholder Heidi Barr’s contribution below, written two weeks ago), but now they have decided their summer boom is done and have quickly decided it is time to die. (Let’s all take a moment to grieve.) Tomatoes are the drama queens of the vegetable world. 
As far as upcoming crops, we are looking forward to more colored, sweet peppers, consisting of beautiful oranges, reds and yellows. We also have potatoes as well as sweet potatoes for the first time this year, that have yet to make it to your tables. If you look at the tall metal shelf behind the pick-up table you’ll see about 6 layers of onions curing, waiting to jump into your bags and go home with you. The number of crops we have to get into the ground right now has drastically increased as it is the appropriate time to get fall crops planted. It is almost a blessing in disguise that the tomatoes are slowing down otherwise we wouldn’t have time to plant all the fall vegetables that we need to right now! A return or your favorite spring vegetables is on the agenda- more kale, collards, kohlrabi, turnips, bok choi and radishes. Speaking of radishes, I’m quite excited about three varieties of specialty radishes that are currently sprouting nicely. We have planted Daikon radishes (long and white), Watermelon radishes (large, round with green outsides and red insides), and new this year, Nero Tondo radishes (large, round, black outside with white insides).
As we turn the corner into the second half of the CSA, I’ll tell my mind to enjoy every minute as the season goes whizzing by, and I’ll remind my body that the days are getting shorter….

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