Monday, August 27, 2012

Volunteer Day Success

Saturday’s volunteer day got off to a rocky start but was a huge success in the end. About ten minutes into the volunteer day a pop-up thunder and lightening storm came through, drenching volunteers! It passed quickly though, and in no less than fifteen minutes everyone was back in the carrot bed. The rain was actually helpful and made the weeds come out much more easily. The carrot bed, as one CSA member put it, “accidentally” got away from us and was a huge undertaking. Everyone was fearless in the face of spiny weeds and  we got a tremendous amount of work done. Here is a big thank you to Nancy, Liza, Rich, Marin, Brad, Joanna, Duncan and Sondra for all your help. I would like to offer a special thank you to Julia and Leila, our youngest CSA members to volunteer who kept us all smiling. The carrots that we weeded will be ready in a few weeks. You can think of them when you enjoy them in your share! We certainly would have lost that carrot planting without everyone’s help on Saturday!

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