Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meet the CSA Pick-Up Staff

Its about time we formally introduce to you our team of shareholders who staff the CSA pick-up! This year we greatly expanded our team of working share members (last year we had one working share). We are grateful for the help and the increased involvement that these people are contributing to Henry Got Crops. You see one of the working share members every time you come to pick up your vegetables. The pick-up staff get a discount on their share for working a specified number of hours at the farm. They have received rigorous training on staffing the pick-up and are now experts and can answer all of your vegetable pick-up questions! They also often have great suggestions on how to cook the veggies in your share. Don’t be shy to introduce yourself! This week, meet the Tuesday staffers Carl (who staffs 2 to 5) and Sarah (who along with Anna staffs from 5 to 7):
Carl Notter
Born in the 1940’s, grow-up in the 50’s (Traditional American Family), survived the 60’s (seven years in an orphanage, then off to Viet Nam). The 70’s are a blur, started a family and secured employment (not yet interested in education). In October 1980 I was recruited by the Special Operations community. At which time, I took a leave of absence from the school district to go back on active duty to complete the SFQ course. After two years on active duty I returned to the area and in 1984 I retired from the Philadelphia School District and moved on to the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD). I was recruited by the PPD to be a mounted police officer (good move). During my police career I was often on active military duty due to multiple deployments, e.g., Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay, Panama, Norway, Denmark, and many more (a good change of pace). In February 2001 I retired from the PPD and went back on active duty until my mandatory retirement from the US Army in June 2009, with 42 years of total service for pension.
My quest for education started somewhat later in life. At this time, education is my driving force. In 2000 I discovered the Veterans Upward Bound Program at the University of Pennsylvania, a college preparatory course for veterans. After completion of the course, I received a scholarship to Humboldt State University (Northern California) to study oceanography and biology. I completed my lower level course work at Philadelphia Community College before obtaining my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Excelsior College (Online Military Distance Learning) in May, 2006. In May, 2008 I received my Masters Degree in Special Education from Arcadia University, while at a mountain Combat Outpost (COP) in Eastern Afghanistan. Obviously, Online distance learning worked for me.
I do volunteer work at Henry Got Crops (HGC) each Tuesday from 2X7. I believe in Sustainable Living (SL). Therefore, by working at HGC I hope to learn something each week and contribute in a small way to the growing SL community. On Fridays and Sundays I volunteer at the Pegasus Riding Academy by working the horses prior to the children taking their riding lessons and leading them during their lessons. On a personal note, I exercise everyday and spend a lot of time in the woods hiking, berry picking, biking, and just enjoying nature.
I plan to relocate with my clan to an area with warmer weather and longer Summers. As for education, I plan to continue my quest for learning by pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sustainable Living, utilizing the MGIB.

Sarah Punderson

I live in Fairmount/Art Museum area. My favorite vegetable is the banana pepper. In my spare time at the farm, I enjoy trying to pet the sheep through the fence. (Nicole: "Oh by the way, it's electric.")

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