Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tomato Taste Test!

By the entire crew

Last week, the farm crew had an impromptu communal dinner at Nina and Nicole's house. The main course was beet borscht, but tomatoes were just coming in, so I brought home a sampling so everyone could familiarize themselves with many of the varied and unique tomato varieties we are growing. We had a great time with this tomato taste test, and we wrote down our reflections to help you pick out a tomato you might enjoy. Tomatoes vary greatly in taste from variety to variety, due to differing sugar/acid ratios. This is why I find growing different, weird varieties so seductive and exciting. We are growing almost thirty different types! Here are our reflections and descriptions of a few:

Red Zebra- (Small, red and green striped)- Beautiful, mild, subtle tanginess.
Goldie- (Large, deep orange)- sweet, pineapple undertones, pleasant, fleshy
Mule Team- (Deep red, large)- classic, earthy undertone, complex, awesome
Purple Cherokee- (Large, deep purple with green shoulders, almost black inside)- smoky, tender, good on a bagel or blt, high sugar content, unique
Paul Robeson- (Smaller, dusky dark red with green shoulders)- juicy, grassy, thick skin
Green zebra- (Small, green and yellow striped)- tart, good consistency, almost citrusy, more acidic
Kosovo- (Pink, pointed on the bottom, medium sized)- mild, dull sweetness, subtle like cucumber, refreshing
Oxheart- (pink, pointed on botton, large)- good, sugary, satisfyingly meaty, rich, not too acidic, good for sauce
Look for more tomato guidelines as more varieties ripen and we sample more of them!

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